Interested in learning what it’s like to work on a film set, and how movies are made? Curious about the crew position at the center of it?

SCRIPT SOUP: A Quickish Guide to Film and Television Production From the Script Supervisor’s Point of View shares a special look inside the world of television and movie making. Descriptions of on set protocol, crew departments and specific positions lead to the details of the Script Supervisor’s role in it all. With a dash of film history, a sprinkle of technology and a dollop of the spiritual side of work, the Reader will see why the Script Supervisor has the best seat in the house.

Along with describing on-set presence, the book outlines the preparation before shooting begins, organizing information as cameras roll, and tracking continuity for the edit. With tips for negotiating a fair deal, and simple ways to keep healthy and positive while on a project, SCRIPT SOUP reveals what it’s really like behind the scenes , and (hopefully) encourage those who aspire to be filmmakers to take the next step.

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