My husband and I have a hard case of the flu. High fever, nausea, violent night sweats, heart palpitations, ear aches, this flu has it all. I have lost 11 pounds in 6 days, he has lost 22. Keeping up with the base level farm chores is difficult, and trying to keep one another hydrated challenging. The house is a wreck, the chickens are out feed, the garden I’d worked so hard to maintain in the heat has withered and the mortgage is late. 

Jeff regained an appetite first, starting solids slowly with small meals and snacks. Now I was going to nibble at the breakfast table, mainly oats and berries. A first sip of coffee felt like a sword slicing down my throat. Porridge made it worse. Blood sugar began dropping, I asked for orange juice.

“Something’s wrong.”

Dragged upside down by a ship racing in darkness, battered by nightmare waves of confusion and simmering pain. Layers of nauseating blackness upon blackness with dull edges, unceasing. Disassociation with no survival instinct nor hope, only chaos. Yet presence enough to sense this eternal hell was all that existed.

“Bea where are you!” cried out my love as he helped me struggle to sit up. Apart from a soreness in my chest I felt normal flu crappy. 

I lost time.

“How’d I get on the floor?” 

He had set me down as my eyes rolled back into my head and I was going over.

“You stopped breathing – there was no heartbeat – I did compressions – you went stiff as a board, arms straight out, neck arched back – my life flashed before my eyes – what was I going to do?”

All I could do was return to bed, refusing the Emergency Room. Jeff called a Dr. friend who said it sounded like my heart skipped a beat or 2, keeping fresh blood from the brain for a few seconds, causing me to seize up. Fever is the bodies natural way to burn waste but try to keep it from getting so high again.

I felt delicate and did not have an easy day. By evening Jeff called a couple friends in distress and the amazing Larson’s packed up some supplies and ran over, bringing such a positive healing feeling into the house with their loving care – making hydrating drinks, rubbing my tense spots, cooking and calmly eating dinner with Jeff. 

The fever yo-yo-ed but stabilized the next day. And the weeping begins over the shock Jeff went through, over the generous care of friends, over the color of late summer through the window, over lemon tea, over a birdsong, over abandoned kittens in the orchard, over having extra towels as I sweat through them nightly, over so many memories, and not being worthy of any of it. And how hiding out from a sick and crazy world on a funky farm in the middle of nowhere God still found me to share so much. Everything.

Dr Rich also said emotionally a flu means we’ve resolved something, whether we realize or it or not. And in the rebuilding and healing we are a new creature, and to celebrate that.

In this time of burning up and physical weakness I am changed. The old me has “died” with release from coffee addiction, a wine habit, eating from boredom, running to the computer throughout the day to expose myself to other peoples programming. I more clearly see how I often try to control that which is beyond my control. I notice how negative thinking (ours or via media) instantly brings our home down into the pits. Our nightly habit of watching a show or movie as an excuse to unwind and rub on one another is actually an excuse to not focus fully on one another. There’s so much about my life that I have actually hated. And I don’t have to do or include those things any more. Whew!


(Written for a local paper July 2022)

This phrase has circled social media for several years as independent journalists and regular palookas share research and observations in the digital town square, picking up the slack from the polluted Main Stream. It’s best to keep vigilant, to discern and verify sources, for “it’s true, I seen it on TV” has become “I saw it on the internet!”

By the way, did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary?

But the upside of maneuvering wisely through this flood of voices is less technocratic censorship and control.  If a big platform stomps a story down, it can reappear in a hundred other places, as vlogs, blogs, websites, podcasts, research boards, specialty forums, newsletters and person-to-person text or email.

Like him or not, an important accomplishment of President Trump was breaking the spell of what he calls Fake News.  Fake News, where Media Conglomerates, beholden to their billionaire owners or corporate sponsors, beholden to what will make money for them, to what will promote their ideology, or politics, dictate down the pyramid to supposedly local television, radio stations and newspapers, what the stories or angles are to be,  often regardless of how vetted or true.   Mockingbird Media. Remember the video showing Sinclair News subsidiaries, local newscasts from across the country, reading the same script, verbatim?

Hence the local news may not really represent the community it is supposed to serve, and may instead be working to inorganically nudge that community in an unnatural direction. “Eat ze bugs!”

At one time journalism was considered the Fourth Estate, the guardian to help keep the checks and balances of our government checked and balanced. But what if that watchdog has become a lapdog, trained to fetch Master’s slippers for the hopes of a belly rub or a bone?

How potent is the power of the press? The Office of the Historian provides an example of its effect on diplomacy and public opinion, leading to war and an expansion of the United State’s foreign reach.  Basically, used as a device to sell more papers in the late 19th century, a strategy of sensationalized, rumor-based reporting vs. factual reporting, yellow journalism created a hot button of anti-Spanish sentiment in the Cuban struggle for independence, and helped pave the path to the Spanish-American War. 

Fake News is not new, just expanded, monopolized and now congressionally sanctioned. 

Once called the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the U.S. Agency for Global Media states that it “and the media organizations that it supports can now make their content available in broadcast quality upon request within the United States.  This is due to a law that went into effect on July 2, 2013, amending the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, known as the Smith-Mundt Act.”

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2013, section 1078. If I am reading this whole bill come amendment correctly, it provides that “information” (propaganda?) prepared for distribution in foreign countries (think Voice of America) to spread democracy (how’s that going?) can now be distributed domestically to the American people.  

Perhaps the initial intention was lovely, but could the use of this Act be weaponized to mislead, control or twist a narrative, and thus the public?  In such a short period of time our country seems irreparably divided in a dozen ways.  By design? By distraction, to subvert attention away from those in “power” as they feed off most of the life on earth? 

The USAGM’s arrangement for “Global connectivity” seems like a handy tool for promoting global lockstep lockdowns and global pandemic procedures, or bureaucratically created global energy and global food shortages. “We’re all in this together….”

Oh boy we live in interesting times! And if not satisfied with corporate newscasts, magazine and paper subscriptions, we now have the option at our fingertips to instead research for ourselves; to read, listen or subscribe to more direct and less biased sources of information.  

So  “we are the news now” does not refer to this specific grassroots publication per se, but to we the people, sharing what we consider pertinent findings with our friends, families and groups in a bigger way, allowing space to ask questions, challenge mainstream narratives, and dare, with due diligence and verification, to discover the truth.

Some interesting fictionalized film examples of political media manipulation:

Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe

Orson Welles Citizen Kane

Barry Levinson’s  Wag the Dog







BIS or BS?

(Originally written for a local journal July 2022)

We are at war. And have been for decades, incase you missed the enemy’s infiltration and inversion of our way of life, corrupting the school system, food supply, the medical industry, technology, military, energy, media and entertainment, religious institutions and our culture. Our government. Our financial system.

“Permit me to issue and manage the money of a nation, and I care not who establishes its laws,”— credited to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founding father of international finance dynasty.

What is a Central Bank? It’s an institution that controls the policy, production and distribution of a nation’s money and credit.  Founded in 1668 the first Central Bank, Sweden’s Riksbank, is still in operation as the oldest of dozens of Central Banks around the world in places as China, Russia, Israel, India, Korea, EU, England, Greece, Iceland, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, UAE…

The Central Bank of the United States is known as the Federal reserve bank.

Suzie Q cannot open an account there with her lemonade stand earnings, for these are the bankers’ banks, invested in one another.

Who oversees the Central Banks? The Bank for International Settlements, BIS, in Basel Switzerland, with its mission of “promoting global monetary and financial stability through international cooperation” is THE Central Bank of them all. Currently 63 Central Banks are members with voting rights. To reiterate, the Federal Reserve stands arm in arm with the Central Banks of China and Russia under the BIS. As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Established in 1930 for settling reparation payments imposed on Germany after WWI, the BIS claims to be the oldest international financial institution. Article 55 of its Statutes, penned in 1930 and amended in 2016, declares The Bank enjoys immunity from jurisdiction, from seizure, attachment, freeze, enforcement or sequestration.  All BIS (and thus all Central Bank) deposits, shares or claims, wherever located and by whomsoever held, are also immune from any measures of such execution. 

Good Lawd! This states the existence of a global network that can funnel billions or trillions worth of monies, gold bars or whatever assets from one nation to another, or to “whomsoever” in relative secrecy, with sovereign immunity. Could this be an avenue for stealing or “misplacing” money from government budgets? The winnings/thievings of war? International financial aide?

During the years of Covid crushing economies and the looming Great Reset working in tandem, BIS has simultaneously promoted a change over to Central Bank Digital Currency – CBDC.

What is digital currency? It is a medium of exchange that exists solely in a digital or electronic format. Think cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, which is not a coin at all but encrypted digits in a computer. It does not jangle in your pocket or fall to the bottom of your purse. You do not leave a handful of cryptos on the table at a restaurant for a tip. 

Is it secure for the People? Is electronic voting secure? Do computers ever crash? Are email accounts ever hacked? Does the GPS in the car always know where in reality it is going?

Why would global banks want to replace cash with a single global digital currency? Digital currency is traceable and controllable.  Imagine that on a global scale. Imagine our financial system being openly beholden to a brotherhood in Switzerland that Mr. and Mrs. Peanut Gallery have no say in.

In October of 2020 the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, hosted a panel titled CROSS BORDER PAYMENT  – A VISION OF THE FUTURE. The four Central Bankers speaking included Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, and the BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens, who stated:

“In cash we don’t know, for example, who’s using a $100 bill today, we don’t know who is using a 1000 peso today. A key difference with the CBDC is the Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability. And also we will have the technology to enforce that. Those two issues are extremely important and that makes a huge difference with respect to what cash is.”

eat ze bugs

What is cash? Cash is a physical means of exchange, of legal tender, uniquely expressed in different nations. In general, every day cash in hand used for legal activities is untraceable, private and unhackable. 

What kind of controls will determine how CBDC is used? How would they enforce that? Currently cancel culture punishes certain voices that dare to question the narrative promoted by Big Tech’s masters, kicking those voices out of major social media universes. Like when the President of the United States was kicked off of Twitter, or the many Doctors from reputable hospitals and universities posting their research and findings that proved contrary to the pharmaceutical backed Covid narrative.

This type of banning has even crossed over to payment platforms as Go Fund Me, Pay Pal, Patreon and Venmo, blocking donations to certain people or groups that dare to question, protest or point out true injustice, as when the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy gathered in Ottawa, desperate to go back to work. The donations made to their cause were blocked from these platforms, and some of their bank account were locked too.

So is it a giant leap or a small step to foresee a future where a financial system plugged into Big Tech’s data collection as well as government surveillance can track a person, and control or limit their spending if such person has a questioning or dissenting voice? And beyond?

Over a billion people live in the Chinese Social Credit System, which provides a “holistic assessment of an individual’s or a company’s trustworthiness. “ In his article  “China Social Credit Explained,” Dr. Drew Donnelly, advisor on international compliance and regulatory issues, clarifies that one’s social credit score  “may affect travel prospects, employment, access to finance, and the ability to enter into contracts.”

He continues, “The eventual ‘end state’ of the system is a unified record for people, businesses, and the government, which can be monitored in real time”  (monitored by cameras, “smart” tech, and a lunatic agenda of implanting microchips in our bodies, like Elon Musks’s Neuralink). But this isn’t merely for tracking corporate embezzlement or fraud. Simple things as cheating on a video game, or taking care of elderly parents can lower or raise this score. Speaking against a government policy or questioning the promoted narrative sends points down the flusher.  

The People’s opinions and behavior is not the controlling business of bankers, technocrats and politicos.

Simply put, in a CBDC world, the Bank has the power to turn an individual’s money off with a mouse click. Or an algorithm, to limit spending, limit saving. The rainy day cash in the mattress won’t be fit for anything else if cash is demonetized. They don’t want the money, they print the money. They want control, resources…they want your children.

Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts, former Asst. Secretary of HUD and Wall Street Investment Banker, offers some hope! In an enlightening interview on CHD.TV’s Financial Rebellion show (episode 33), she explains how we are paying for our own digital prison.  She suggests a defense by using cash everyday, using ‘dumb” technology, and getting out of the Big Boy banks and their affiliates (JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo…), to instead invest locally, in small banks, in real material goods, in community building.

BIS member list


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george carlin

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solari missing money




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